Our DMS production

DMS® (Differential Monitoring of Stability) is an in-place multiparametric geotechnical monitoring system, designed for the automatic, continuous and in real-time monitoring of slope stability and civil engineering works, patented and produced by C.S.G. Srl. The system consist of a modular monitoring instrument (DMS® 2D/3D column) to be installed in a borehole or on the surface, a control and data tele-transmission unit and related software of management, data acquisition and processing.

The DMS® column, made up of rigid sensorized modules connected to each other by special joints having 2/3 degrees of freedom, is similar to a "backbone" capable of deforming together with the ground or the structure on which it is installed. The joints allow the individual instrumented units to adapt to the characteristics of the borehole/wall and to the movements of the soil/rock mass, preserving the azimuthal directionality to guarantee the measuring not only of the displacements, but also of their direction. The system therefore allows to monitor automatically, in continuous and in real time the geotechnical behavior of the soil/rock mass in which it is installed, copying the deformations in 2/3 directions and, at the same time, providing the information related to water table, temperature and acceleration, for a complete and effective correlation between the various geo-indicators over time.