New DMS Reeler 8H


For a quick and effective installation of DMS columns up to 300 m length even in sites that cannot be reached by land, CSG has designed and built a new tracked machine that can be easily divided into 5 parts that can be airlifted by helicopter.


About us

C.S.G. S.r.l., founded in 1997 combining the 20 years of professional experience in geoengineering with the most up-to-date prospecting techniques, geotechnical-enviromental monitoring, data acquisition and computerization, has specialized in the monitoring of landslides with production, on its own patents, of geotechnical monitoring systems: DMS®.


DMS system®

DMS® is a multiparametric in-place geotechnical monitoring system, which allows the automatic, in continuous and in real-time monitoring of the behavior of rock, soil or engineering work in which it is installed, copying the deformations in 2/3 directions and providing, at the same time, information on piezometry, temperature and acceleration for a complete and effective correlation over time between the various geoindicators.