Passion for innovation…

… for more than 20 years!

CSG S.r.l. was founded in 1997 combining the 20 years of professional experience in geoengineering with the most up-to-date prospecting techniques, geotechnical-environmental monitoring, data acquisition and computerization.

The awareness of needs and issues in the geological-geotechnical sector, the passion for instrumentation and the inventiveness of its technicians are at the basis of a significant growth process of the company that specializes in the field of landslide monitoring with production of multiparametric geotechnical monitoring systems on own patents. All this has required the new headquarters desired by the owners among the hills of Monferrato where they live, in a panoramic area in the Municipality of Ricaldone, which is UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Piedmont wine landscapes. The new structure develops over an area of more than 10.000 m2 and includes offices, monitoring room, laboratory, conference room, production and testing area with a covered area of about 1.000 m2. The new headquarters also includes a testing field with 1000 m of boreholes that reach depths greater than 200 m. In addition, there is an helipad for performing emergency activities in the Early Warning sector.

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Leader in Early Warning

CSG srl, for sensitivity to innovation, the ability, experience and determination of its technicians, matured even in extreme environments, has reached a world-leading position in the field of monitoring for Early Warning with its multi-parametric columns DMS® (CSG patents), CU control units and related remote management, data acquisition and processing softwares, which are now synonymous of accuracy, reliability and robustness.

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Certification and quality

The company, certified to ISO 9001, pursues high quality standard with careful and long technical checks and controls during the construction phase (test in climatic room and on calibration bench where every single sensor is tested), and severe final alignment and global stability tests in the company testing field using both vertical and inclined with known lay boreholes for providing reliable and durable tools based on the specific requirements of the Customer.

"Quality Policy - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015"