Software Suite

DMS Software Suite

The software suite for complete data management consists of three main programs: Geomaster, DMS Guardian and DMS EW. Through these software a complete management of the information is possible starting from the output of the sensor column and from the data transmission via wireless network, until the following processing and archiving of data.


The Geomaster software is designed to perform all the configuration, diagnosis and maintenance management operations of the system that can be carried out either on site via RS232 or RS485 or remotely (via GSM, GPRS, WiFi).

DMS Guardian

The DMS Guardian software performs all ordinary automatic data downloading operations from remote units and ftp files creation, accessible through the DMS EW software by authorized personnel.


DMS EW is the software that allows you to process data in real time with simplicity, immediacy and efficiency through intuitive graphical interfaces. It allows to analyze the deformations along the entire monitoring vertical, visualizing the structure of the column in the north, east, total displacement and direction components. Furthermore, it allows you to view the historical trends of all the recorded parameters and the displacement, speed and acceleration graphs compared to the alarm thresholds.

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