FMGM Sydney 2015

New multi inclinometric geotechnical monitoring systems - The importance of alignment calibration and testing for reliability and correct data interpretation.

V. Foglino(1), L. Foglino(1), S. Foglino(1), M. Lovisolo(1) – (1) C.S.G. s.r.l., Italy

IAEG Torino 2014

A landslide geotechnical monitoring project for early warning: the Acqui Terme example.

M. Lovisolo(1), M. Battaglio(2), T. Rosset(3) – (1) C.S.G. s.r.l., Italy - (2) Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy (3) - Chartered Civil Engineer, Italy

Vajont 2012

Subsurface monitoring of large rockslides in Norway: a key requirement for early warning.

L. H. Blikra(1), L. Kristensen(1), M. Lovisolo (2) – (1) Åknes/Tafjord Early Warning Centre, Norway - (2) C.S.G. s.r.l., Italy


Continuous geotechnical monitoring for alert thresholds and hazard management.

W. Olivieri(1), M. Lovisolo(2), G.B. Crosta(3) – (1) Regione Piemonte, Italy - (2) C.S.G. s.r.l., Italy - (3) UNIMIB, Italy

WLF Roma 2011

Monitoring displacement on the Mannen rockslide in Western Norway

L. Kristensen(1), L. H. Blikra(1) – (1) Åknes/Tafjord Early Warning Centre, Norway

WLF Roma 2011

Monitoring concepts and requirements for large rockslides in Norway

L. Kristensen (1), L. H. Blikra (1) – (1) Åknes/Tafjord Early Warning Centre, Norway

WLF Roma 2011

The Ancona early warning centre, instrumentation and continuous monitoring of the landslides

S. Cardellini (1), P. Osimani (1) - (1) Ancona Municipality Monitoring Centre, Italy