New DMS Containers in Norway


On 28, 29 and 30 September, despite bad weather conditions, the installation of two new DMS containers in Norway was successfully completed.


About us

C.S.G. S.r.l., founded in 1997 combining the 20 years of professional experience in geoengineering with the most up-to-date prospecting techniques, geotechnical-enviromental monitoring, data acquisition and computerization, has specialized in the monitoring of landslides with production, on its own patents, of geotechnical monitoring systems: DMS®.


DMS system®

DMS® is a multiparametric in-place geotechnical monitoring system, which allows the automatic, in continuous and in real-time monitoring of the behavior of rock, soil or engineering work in which it is installed, copying the deformations in 2/3 directions and providing, at the same time, information on piezometry, temperature and acceleration for a complete and effective correlation over time between the various geoindicators.